Original goods

Amenities for sales / rental

  • Amenities for sales / rental
    • Shaver¥50
    • Bath towel ( for rental )¥100
    • Face Towel ( for rental )¥100
    • Lounge wear ( for rental )¥100
    • Slippers¥50
    • Toothbrush¥50

    Please enquire to reception.

Original goods for sales

  • Original goods for sales
    • Amenities 80ml x 3¥1,620

    Made from all natural ingredients that are gentle to your hair and skin.
    Products with pure scent which will be easy to use for many people, regardless of gender.

    Selling at the reception.

    ※ Picture is only a representation, and may vary from actual products.

  • Original goods for sales
    • Mini pillow¥2,500

    Selling at the reception.

  • Original goods for sales
    • 9h specification pillow¥18,000 (+Tax & Delivery fee)
    • 9h specification mattressComing soon
    • Top comforterComing soon

    Please check from the above linked site.
    link9hours x gymnast