We opened a website of "Do-c" as a sister brand of nine Hours.

A unique sauna as a new service and accommodation by a re-use capsule unit.
Started deployment of "Do-c"
December 16, 2017 (Sat) Opened No. 1 facility in Ebisu!

昭和リース社 新規出店に対するファイナンス支援に関する業務提携のお知らせ


Finance leasing agreement with Showa Leasing Co., Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that nine hours Inc. has entered into an agreement to work with Showa Leasing Co., Ltd. on July 28, 2017 for finance leasing for the store roll-out plan.  
This will help us stablizing funding and enabling investments in a wide variety of business fields, which accelerate new store development.

ナインアワーズウーマン神田 新規導入設備およびアメニティのお知らせ


nine hours woman Kanda Introducing new amenities

To offer our guests more comfortable stay, nine hours will introduce the latest facilities and amenities such as towels with long pile fabric and basic skin care products at the new opening property nine hours woman Kanda, who will open its doors on July 27, 2017.

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