Amenities for sales / rental

    • Face towel (for rental)¥100
    • Bath towel (for rental)¥100
    • Lounge wear (for rental)¥100
    • Toothbrush¥50
    • Slippers¥50
    • Shaver¥50

    Please enquire to reception.

Original goods for sales

    • Amenities 80ml x 3¥1,620

    Made from all natural ingredients that are gentle to your hair and skin. Non-silicon.
    Products with pure scent which will be easy to use for many people, regardless of gender.

    Selling at the reception.

    ※ Picture is only a representation, and may vary from actual products.

    • Mini pillow¥2,500

    Selling at the reception.

    • 9h specification pillow¥18,000 (+Tax & Delivery fee)
    • 9h specification mattressComing soon
    • Top comforterComing soon

    Please check from the above linked site.