We want you to be able to enjoy a satisfying cup of coffee before setting off in the morning or during your afternoon break. That's why we have spent years handpicking the finest specialty coffees from across Japan, Northern Europe and the world.

The quality of coffee varies enormously depending on where the bean was grown, its variety, and how it was processed. These differences become more pronounced when you factor in roasting and extraction techniques. The same beans handled in different ways can offer a plethora of subtle and rich taste sensations. This is what makes your familiar cup of coffee a little luxury deserving of connoisseurship.

ninehours partners with several specialty coffee shops——all of which share our sense of pared back, unadorned functionality——to serve clear, fruity coffee of ultimate quality.

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    BREWED is Japan's first ever coffee stand dedicated to serving single-origin hand brewed coffee. The stand is operated by GLITCH COFFEE ROASTERS, Jinbocho, a major player on Tokyo's specialty coffee scene. GLITCH controls every step of the bean's journey from the field to your palate, from selecting particular varieties from particular production regions/plantations to roasting and extraction, so that you can experience a fruity, delicate brew available nowhere else. “BREWED” is open to nine hours' guests and non-guests alike.


    The Nordic coffee scene has become synonymous with specialty coffee, and the original FUGLEN is located at its epicenter in Oslo, Norway. The chain has followed up its first Japanese branch in Yoyogi Park with a second branch occupying the 1st and 2nd floors of nine hours Asakusa. A major player on the coffee scene that exploded in Oslo starting in the early 2000s, FUGLEN presents a comprehensive concept that fuses coffee with cocktails and vintage design. FUGLEN Asakusa serves up Oslo-inspired original breakfasts, day-time cocktails and select local beers.