Tel 03-5297-7188 2-9-4 Kajicho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0044 Japan
1 minutes from JR Kanda Station East Exit


  • Stay
  • ¥1,900 -
    • 14:00C/in
    • 10:00C/out
nine hours is open 365 days a year, offering stays for prices starting at just 1,900yen. Whenever you like, please use as much as you want. You can leave your luggage and sightseeing, or take a shower and go out for dinner or to suit your convenience. Special discount plan is limited to first come, first served basis so please reserve as soon as possible.
  • Nap
  • ¥1,000 -
    • 14:00 - 21:00
The first hour will be 1,000 yen. After that, 500 yen will be added every hour. Shower is available in bed. Please use as much as you want between 14 o'clock and 21 o'clock. You can refresh yourself with a nap or a shower.
  • Shower
  • ¥700 -
    • 24hours opening
The shower is 700 yen, you can use within 1 hour. We need all necessary furniture such as towels, shampoo / conditioner, body soap, so please do it by hand. It is available 24 hours at any time. Please use freely, such as before, after work, refreshing during sightseeing, the base of running.

How to use

Payment is required.
ninehours has separate facilities for men and women. After putting/storing your belongings in the locker, change into our exclusive ninehours clothing.
Bath towels, shampoo, conditioner and toothbrushes are provided.
Sleeping PodSleeping Pod
Please enjoy a restful sleep in our comfortable capsule unit.
  1. Check-in
  2. Locker
  3. Shower
  4. Sleeping Pod
  1. 1. Check-inPayment is required.
  2. 2. Lockerninehours has separate facilities for men and women. After putting/storing your belongings in the locker, change into our exclusive ninehours clothing.
  3. 3. ShowerBath towels, shampoo, conditioner and toothbrushes are provided.
  4. 4. Sleeping PodPlease enjoy a restful sleep in our comfortable capsule unit.


  1. Check-in, Check-out, and Extensions

    Check-in begins at 2pm and you have until 10am the following morning to check out. There are no extensions.

  2. Consecutive Stays

    All guests must check out daily. While lockers are reserved for you throughout your stay, sleeping pods are not available for use between 10:00 - 14:00 to facilitate cleaning. Please ensure to take your belongings with you or leave them in the lockers when going out. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

  3. Cancelling or Changing a Reservation

    Call us at nine hours Woman Kanda:03-5297-7188

  4. Late Arrival

    If you are arriving later than 24:00, please call us at 03-5297-7188. If we have not heard from you and you have not arrived by 24:00, your reservation will be cancelled.

  5. Payment Terms

    If you have chosen to pay upon check-in, you will be required to pay for the entire stay (partial payments are not allowed). Please note that no refunds will be made for cancellations after check-in.

  6. Methods of Payment

    Payment can be made by cash or via credit card (VISA, Master, American Express, JCB).

  7. Locker size

    Width 30cm x Depth 50cm x Height 82cm

  8. Oversized Luggage

    Luggage that does not fit in the lockers can be checked at the front desk, even after you have checked out. We will only hold your luggage on the day that it was checked. This does not include valuables. You are responsible for the safety of your valuables.

  1. Storage of your luggage before check-in

    You can check your luggage at the front desk if you arrive before the check-in time.If you are sending us your luggage before your stay, please send it to arrive on your check-in date, specifying the guest name (in alphabet) and the check-in date on your commercial invoice.

  2. Amenities

    A bath towel, face towel, loungewear, and a toothbrush can be found inside your locker. Hair dryers are located on wash room. Shampoo, conditioner, and soap are provided in each shower unit.

  3. Inside the Sleeping Pod

    Sleeping pods measure 110cm wide by 220cm deep by 110cm tall. Each sleeping pod features our Sleep Ambient Control System for lighting control.

  4. Laundry

    There are no laundry facilities (washing machines) on the premises.

  5. Food and Drink

    Please refrain from eating and drinking in your sleeping pod.

  6. Cleaning Fee

    Damaged or sullied bedding, intentional or otherwise, is subject to a 5000 yen cleaning fee.

  7. Accommodation for children

    Children over 7 years of age will be charged the adult rate. Boys and girls are to have separate sleeping pods. Children between 4 and 6 years old can sleep in the same sleeping pods as their parents/guardians of the same gender at half the adult rate. (For children under 3 years old, please contact the hotel directly.) If only using the shower children under 6 years of age will be charged half the adult rate. Minors under 16 years of age staying by themselves will need the consent of their parents or guardian.
    Click here to download a parental consent form, and submit the completed form to the reception upon arrival.

  8. Corporate Contracts

    We can offer corporate contracts. Corporate customers that wish to make regular use of our facilities should contact us for further details at 03-6721-5963